Starting out in the electronics repair industry from a young age, Stephen has put in over 13 years as a local business owner toward his growth of understanding in the electronics field while learning & refining his repair skills across the entire electronics repair line (including computers, music amps, phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, printers, monitors, networking systems, etc.).

"Any industry involving electronics is continuously evolving & reinventing itself... we have to try to stay ahead of the curve in order to keep all of our customer's needs met so that they can maximize their potential with their devices & systems. I constantly research new products while I progress in the current technology we have. Knowledge of older technology is sometimes just as important as knowledge of current or future technology, too. Bridging this information gap is an important key to helping every customer's needs." -Stephen

The electronics repair industry has seen some minor changes in ability to service customers. Stephen has established himself in electronics repair through both store front & mobile business.

"Finding a way to get the help to the community is a constant priority to me. I personally try to put the customer's needs first & do whatever is required to solve any problem that they may ask for help with." -Stephen


Contributing to the company's overall vision, Sean has put in 20 years of customer service in the local community. Providing services & solutions to customer's needs has been a part of his life for a very long time. Aside from his experience in the customer service workforce, he has been providing many volunteer services throughout the community for many years (including volunteering for Cystic Fibrosis fundraisers, Junior Achievement, VFW Richland Post Auxiliary, Water Follies, Cool Desert Nights, Uptown Shopping Center activities, holiday activities, etc.)

"Every experience I have can potentially be used to create better solutions for future problems. Taking on another person's situation & treating it with as much importance as if it's your personal situation is a strong tool to finding fast & quality solutions. I try to approach each situation with as much care & attention as I can."
The electronics repair industry can sometimes be very confusing to the customer. With a huge variance in parts costs, parts quality, services & availability, it can sometimes be intimidating.

"We take the time to search for all the answers to all the questions that someone may have. We understand that the customer's trust is the most important thing to us. We always search for the right answers & quality solutions. Stephen & I are constantly communicating. We believe that two minds are better than one. I am good at 'thinking outside of the box' while Stephen is great at taking my ideas & making them a reality. We are a great team & we are both here for each & every customer. With SO MANY devices & so many potential issues with each device, it's hard to know everything... but we both work together to find the best solution to any problem (even if it's never been solved before)."